Adventurous sunrise session in Kananaskis

Mountaintop hiking adventure session | Banff adventure elopement photographer

Vincent & Helena both love being outdoors and taking in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. They love hiking, so for their adventure session last summer, we decided to take photos on a mountain top during golden hour.

This trail in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, takes you to a ridge with an impressive view over two serene, blue lakes. The contrast of the rough mountains and the beautiful wildflowers is incredible to witness. We thought this would be the perfect setting for a sunrise session, and we were right.

We picked out a red dress for Helena, took out our hiking boots, and started this adventure couple session. But when we reached to top we noticed we were not alone. A grizzly bear seemed to be climbing the rocks in peace. Luckily some friends came along for the hike and because we were with such a big group of people, the bear took off when he saw us and we had this gorgeous morning light all to ourselves. Getting up early was so worth it. The clouds lit up pink and made for the most magical mountaintop views. Their boots were dirty and their hair messy, but none of that mattered to them. They danced the morning away and enjoyed the beauty that Canada has to offer.
More adventurous couples for me, please!

The result is yours to witness in these photos. Enjoy!

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Maternity session in Banff

In december 2015, I received an email from Nic, wanting to surprise his fiancée with a maternity session for her birthday. A month ago, I photographed them in the most gorgeous mountain scenery of Banff. 
Nic and Ashley are amazing to say the least. They got up at 3am to get ready for our sunrise session in the mountains. It makes me so happy when clients are up for an adventure and enjoy being in nature as much as I do. 
Their due date was June 9th, and their little girl arrived the day after. Such an exciting time for them!

Family session in Edworthy Park

About a month ago, I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family in Calgary. Ross and Jacqueline are the sweetest and have so much love for their little girl Francesca. 
Ross is a photographer as well (check out his work at, so he knew it would be a good idea to take their photos just before sunset. We were rewarded with the most gorgeous, golden light! Because Francesca had already been so patient during our session, she could have a break at the end while I took some more photos of her mom and dad.

Here's some of my favorites from their family session: